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Rachel Guyselman, VP of Risk & Compliance talks Enterprise Risk Management

Rachel Guyselman, Vice President of Risk & Compliance at Credit Union 1 Alaska, joins David in a discussion about Enterprise Risk Management.

Topics include:

- The play between what is compliant versus how to run the business, and how this translates to risk management
- Meeting with area leaders regularly to discuss risk and concerns and open-ended topics to update the key risk matrix
- The risk management committee and the ERM interactions with the board
- Strong support from the board, the CEO, and supervisory committee and how this assists Rachel and the ERM program
- The uniqueness of serving Alaskans as members in areas like real estate lending and providing basic financial services
- The power of networking with others to help you with your ERM journey and Rachel's recommended networking communities

Rachel can be reached here:
Email: [email protected]

The video version of ERM Perspectives, including this episode, can be viewed on YouTube: