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Christine Sanni, Founder of Sybal talks Governance and Enterprise Risk Management

Christine Sanni, Founder & CEO of Sybal, joins David for an engaging discussion about Sybal's Proof-of-Governance™ and its relationship to Enterprise Risk Management.

Topics include:

- Christine's background in technology and her objective of creating better results for the human; you and I and customers and members
- Sybal's vision - What is Sybal, what is governance, and what is Proof-of-Governance™?
- How Sybal fits into the Risk, Governance, and Strategy ecosystem
- How Proof-of-Governance™ provides real-time effectiveness data that improves the efficacy of everything we do in risk management, like risk assessments, key risk indicators, and more
- How Proof-of-Governance™ improves your governance wellness and builds trust throughout all layers of the organization
- The six steps that clearly describe what Proof-of-Governance™ is, and how it benefits credit unions and other regulated industries
- How an organization gets started with Sybal and what that customer journey looks like

Christine Sanni can be found on LinkedIn so be sure to connect with her there. Information on Sybal can be found at and you can email [email protected] to get in contact.

The video version of ERM Perspectives, including this episode, can be viewed on YouTube: