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Aaron Prater, VP of Operational Risk Management talks Enterprise Risk Management

Aaron Prater, Vice President of Operational Risk Management at Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, joins David in a discussion about Enterprise Risk Management.

Topics include:

- How operational risk management is organized at Alloya
- What the ERM committee structure is at Alloya
- What's included in Aaron's operational risk area
- A large technology project under way at Alloya
- Working towards enhanced transactional monitoring with machine learning and artificial intelligence
- Aaron's data-driven approach to the new role, and why
- The challenges of being a remote risk leader, which is becoming more common in all roles since the pandemic
- How Aaron is talking with member credit unions and formulating how Alloya can help from a risk perspective
- Challenges in the operational risk area
- The risk management philosophy of C.U.P.

Aaron Prater can be reached on LinkedIn or at [email protected]

The video version of ERM Perspectives, including this episode, can be viewed on YouTube: