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Mark Treichel, former NCUA Executive Director talks NCUA and Enterprise Risk Management

With nearly 34 years at NCUA and 7 as Executive Director, Mark Treichel was responsible for every aspect of this agency. Mark knows the WHO, WHAT and HOW of the NCUA decision making process. With this knowledge, Mark is now helping credit unions with anything, and everything related to the NCUA, including passing the NCUA examination.

In this episode of ERM Perspectives, Mark talks with David about the NCUA and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Topics include:

- Mark's adventures starting in consulting, during the height of the pandemic
- Current NCUA priorities, such as fraud
- Staffing challenges for credit unions and the NCUA
- Todd Harper reappointed for a 6-year term
- What’s on Todd Harper’s agenda?
- How Mark helps credit unions
- Will the NCUA require ERM at some point?
- The catalyst for an ERM requirement by the NCUA
- The NCUA's very own ERM program
- Mark’s podcast "With Flying Colors" (Don't miss it!)

Mark can be found on LinkedIn or at his website: 

The video version of ERM Perspectives, including this episode, can be viewed on YouTube: