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Client Stories

“Although we’ve had an established Enterprise Risk Management function, we knew there was an opportunity to create efficiencies with our approach. Using David’s tools, processes, and guidance, we were able to enhance our ERM process, document key risk indicators and tolerances, and better quantify our risk appetite. This revised approach created the opportunity to put more information in the hands of the right people and help them to better understand risks and the interrelationships between risks. The outcome has been great, because we are now able to review risk on a comprehensive basis, in a more effective and efficient manner and are better equipped to respond to organizational level risks.

- Mary Mullens, Enterprise Risk Manager
Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union
Clinton Township, MI

“Our ERM program was already functioning well but we were looking for a review and a refresh. After review, RGS Business Advisors recommended and implemented our current Key Risk Indicator program. The implementation was painless and the results exceeded our expectations and as an added bonus, our regulators were also impressed with our new KRI’s.

- Dan Kester, President/CEO
Sooper Credit Union
Arvada, CO.

“Risk Management was new to me and just one of my responsibilities at the credit union, but I needed to make progress quickly. I had specific needs at specific times and David was there with expert advice and tools when I needed him. He also took the time to discuss how everything we worked on fit together in the big picture of ERM. David at RGS Business Advisors is my go-to resource for everything related to risk management and board reporting."

- Monifa Crawford, VP of Risk and Compliance
121 Financial Credit Union
Jacksonville, FL

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“Prior to working with David at RGS Business Advisors, our risk management approach was rudimentary and IT focused, and we were unable to comprehensively identify and assess our risks. After assessing our situation, David helped us document our risk management framework, identify our risk appetite, upgrade our risk register, and develop multiple risk assessment processes. As a result, we are better organized and we are having more leadership and board conversations about enterprise level risks, risk tolerance thresholds, and formal mitigation plans. We are much more confident in our ability to manage risk since we started working with David.

- Louise Pesavento, VP Governance and Risk
SunStream Business Services
Saint Paul, MN

 “We at Kern Schools FCU are extremely pleased with our decision to implement an ERM program and equally pleased we chose David to lead the implementation efforts on our behalf. RGS Business Advisors have exceeded our expectations.

- Neil Marshall, Chief Risk Officer (retired)
Kern Schools Federal Credit Union
Bakersfield, CA

“I am extremely pleased with this quick start to our ERM program, and the alignment with the new framework is an added bonus.” 

- Former Chief Risk Officer and Corporate Attorney,
Hoosier Hills Credit Union, Bedford, IN.

- Lead Examiner, NCUA

"Looks like you've already done my work for me!"

“Thanks to our Enterprise Risk Management program our board is always informed of our risk posture across our major categories of risk. This allows us to make more informed decisions with confidence.

- Board Chair, MN Credit Union

- Supervisory Committee Member

Our Enterprise Risk Management program has been very beneficial in helping me learn how the organization works, and in helping me understand the types and amounts of risk we will accept in order to achieve our strategic goals.”

“The introduction of an ongoing enterprise risk management program has had extraordinary benefit to the organization and our committee in that we now have far better quantitative insight into the risks we carry as part of our business model.

- Supervisory Committee Chair

- Stacy Sjogren

"I have grown to count on David's expertise in enterprise risk management and knowledge of the finance industry. His calm demeanor and clear explanations make understanding new concepts and their importance less overwhelming. Talk about a winning combination when assisting boards of directors to improve their governance effectiveness!"

"David has a thorough understanding of risk and risk Management. He was very helpful to me analyzing risks in my functional area by leading me through risk indicators and overall risk objectives. He assisted me in quantifying process-specific risks as well as developing internal controls to mitigate them."

- Erik Saari

- Mary Peter

"David is an exceptional consultant on the topics of governance, risk, strategy, ERM, and cyber-security. He is skilled at implementing key risk indicators, key performance indicators, and benchmark scorecards. With his solid experience, David brings innovative and strategic ways to enhance or improve your company's culture, a necessary ingredient to build an agile risk management environment."

"David is a consummate professional in the risk management and governance space. He shares his expertise willingly, educates at the right pace, and keeps a project on track and moving. I am more knowledgeable for having worked with him. Thanks, David!"

- Barb Dusek

- Miaja Cassidy

"David is a thought leader. He thinks critically, anticipates long term challenges and trends; understands the implications of the decisions and translates ideas and concepts into practical applications. He knows how his ideas can add value and seeks alternative points of view in the process. He is a pleasure to work with, an industry leader and I hope to work with him again."

"David is one of the best Directors I have worked with. He has a real concept of how a global organization should operate and he practices it. David is such a perfect gentleman who balances workload and morale globally ensuring that each person under his team is well motivated. He will be a genuine asset wherever he goes."

- Sofronio Go

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