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About David Seibert

Hello. I'm David Seibert (DAY-vid SY-bert), a credit union Enterprise Risk Management consultant based in Jacksonville, Florida.
As a former Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management at my own credit union, I lived the challenges and rewards first hand:
  • How do I build an ERM program from the ground up?
  • How do I construct my credit union's risk profile?
  • What's the best risk identification method for different areas of the credit union?
  • What's the best risk assessment method for a given risk type?
  • And ultimately, the joy of witnessing improved decision making as a result of your ERM program's efforts.
Now I work with risk managers, management teams, and boards, helping them deliver their credit union strategy through optimized Enterprise Risk Management.
“Thanks to our Enterprise Risk Management program our board is always informed of our risk posture across our major categories of risk. This allows us to make more informed decisions with confidence.”
- Board Chair, MN Credit Union
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I see Enterprise Risk Management as a journey... 

I want to meet you where you are on that journey, and help you move in the right direction, at your pace and with exceptional results. Whether it's sprint or marathon, fast or slow, go big or go incremental, I'm supporting you along the way.

I've built the tools, the methods, the frameworks, and the training. Everything you'll need. I've implemented, facilitated, and executed ERM over and over again. I've made the mistakes and learned from them, so you don't have to. 

Methods of Engagement 

I can be front and center, leading and facilitating the change you need. I can be in the background, providing tools, techniques, and advice. I can provide the training and education. I can provide ongoing, on-demand support for all your needs. You can choose what works for you.

  • Collaborative Projects and Long-Term Partnerships
    My services can be delivered with various levels of collaboration and engagement, depending on your needs:
    • Support and Guidance. This option provides you with everything you need for a complete implementation. You get all the tools, techniques, training, and guidance and support. I work directly with the risk officer or ERM team while the risk officer or ERM team works with the rest of the credit union participants (usually senior management). I'm behind the scenes providing the direction, coaching and everything needed for a successful outcome.
    • Standard Collaboration. This option is like the above, but I'm front and center, playing a lead role. Along with the risk officer or ERM team, I'm also working with the rest of the credit union participants to deliver the outcome. I facilitate meetings, calls, and conduct the necessary training. I take calls and meetings directly from staff participants that need my support.
    • On-Site Sprint. This option is like the standard collaboration except that I will work on-site to move the needle quickly on the project. This works well when it is scheduled to coincide with a board meeting or board retreat, when the board is involved. In today's remote environment, this can also be accomplished with video conferencing.
    • Done For You. With this delivery method, I simply do all the work without relying on an existing risk officer or ERM team to share any of the load. I will work with the project sponsor and deliver the project, providing all the status updates and debriefings desired. This can include any variation of on-site and remote work.
  • Staff Augmentation or Team Member
    You are already operating with a remote workforce. You are likely open to hiring remote-only positions. Why not "hire" the best of the best for your Enterprise Risk Management. I can work as a member of your staff delivering exceptional ERM results. Book a call with me to discover how this might work.
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You are not on a quest to manage risk in a vacuum. You manage risk because it has strategic value. You are taking on risk in order to achieve an outcome. There are stakeholders who need to know how you take on some risks and manage unavoidable risks in order to achieve strategic objectives.
This is the ERM Ecosystem. Risk, Governance and Strategy.
You pursue some risks because they bring value to the credit union. Some risks you must bear as a part of doing business. Your strategy is tied to risk taking and risk bearing, so you manage risk to achieve the strategy. The board (governance) represents your Members and the board has a fiduciary responsibility to know how management is managing these risks. Management committees (governance) make decisions that affect risk.
I ensure that your Enterprise Risk Management program is properly integrated with Strategy and Governance. You'll know how your risk relates to strategy and how your governance structures will be appropriately involved.


  • Credit union passion. VP of ERM at a credit union and life-long credit union member.
  • 12 years of Enterprise Risk Management and going.
  • Independent. No GRC software to sell. No conflicts of interest.
  • You will work with David, not a junior associate.
  • Flexible: Video conferencing, in person, board retreats, on demand video content (coming soon).
  • Your satisfaction is my top priority. I guarantee it.
  • Come visit me in sunny Florida.



  • 2000's
    • Career in information security - "The internet is not safe!"
    • Lead "Risk-based" info security programs (instead of a "best practices" security program)
    • Strategic Leadership roles begin - "What is our Mission, Vision, & Strategy?"
    • Discover Enterprise Risk Management - "We need a comprehensive view of risk!"
  • 2010's
    • Pivot to Enterprise Risk Management at a credit union
    • Embrace the Balanced Scorecard - "What's risk without strategy?"
    • Spent 18 months at a failed Risk & Governance SaaS startup. "Hard life experience!"
    • Pivot to ERM consulting
  • 2020's
    • The ERM consulting journey continues - "Let's work together!"

Companies I've worked for:

  • Guidant Corporation (Acquired by Boston Scientific)
  • Lawson Software (Acquired by Infor)
  • Target Corporation
  • Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
  • Integrated Governance Solutions, LLC

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