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Enterprise Risk Management
for Credit Unions in Half the Time

I help credit unions build, improve, and execute their ideal Enterprise Risk Management program so they can achieve their strategic objectives and delight more Members!

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You deserve ERM that fits your credit union's needs and culture, not some vendor's one-size solution or overpromised software.


I provide you with proven tools, techniques, and guidance so you get results without the frustrating ups and downs that I went through.


Integrate your ERM with your governance structures and strategy management so that risk-taking has relevance with proper oversight.

Risk-taking is vital to success so you want a strong ERM program.

But there's a problem...

  • You want ERM, but don't know how to start
  • Your existing ERM is losing its effectiveness
  • You want to implement new capabilities, but don't have the time and resources
  • Your board and management team need ERM training so you can be more effective
  • You don't have ERM expertise in-house
  • You don't have a plan

If any of these apply to you, let's talk now.

Hi, I'm David

Here to Support Your Credit Union's Success

As a life-long credit union member myself, I'm passionate about supporting the credit union movement. The most effective way for me to do this is to help you build and execute your ideal Enterprise Risk Management program, right now.

I led the ERM implementation at my own credit union over 10 years ago. Since that time, I have been helping large and small credit unions all across the United States build their ERM programs.

Whether you are starting an ERM program or are looking to mature your existing one, I've done the work before and I'm here to help you now.

That's why credit unions continue to work with me. I provide tested tools, techniques, and processes, and I train and educate along the way so you can be confident in what you do.

Ready to explore what we can do together?

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David's ERM Overview

1. Assess & Plan

Too many credit unions lack a proper roadmap. They didn't take the time to assess current risk management capabilities relative to their desired state. As a result, they get sidetracked or re-directed to something else.

I will work with you to assess your needs and build an ERM strategy and a roadmap that will keep you focused and on track because your stakeholders will have confidence in the plan. You will quickly build and execute your ERM program as a result.

A solid, well-constructed plan will jump start your ERM program with confidence. Review and revise your roadmap annually.

Get started with a FREE ERM program assessment.

2. Establish Risk Governance Foundation

It's tempting to dive in and start identifying risk immediately. This works until you keep getting interrupted to put in place things you should have set up in advance, like good governance.

I'll help you establish these important items up front so there are no interruptions in your execution. Done properly, you'll be leveraging these foundational elements throughout your ERM processes to manage risk without delays.

Do it up front and do it right so you can keep your momentum going.

3. Build ERM Capabilities & Manage Risk

There are many methods and processes of identifying, analyzing, and managing risk in a credit union. It's a lot to ask of someone to have experience with all or even most of them. This lack of depth results in implementations based on the visible, high-level pieces of the full implementation of a given risk management process. Without the smaller nuances in place, the process fails and time is wasted.

Don't waste time with trial and error or an incomplete implementation. I've been through this and I have built tested tools and techniques that will save you time and headaches.

Get expert help up front so you don't have to suffer setbacks.

4. Integrate with Strategy

The simple way to do ERM is to assess risk in a vacuum. Meaning that a risk is a risk is a risk. But in truth, a risk is only a risk if it's relevant to what we are striving to achieve, which is described by the strategy.

Throughout the implementation and execution of your ERM program, I will help you integrate your tools and processes with your strategy so that all your risk management activities are relevant and adding maximum value.

Here are just some of the results - by project - I can help you achieve:

  • ERM Program Assessment: Assess your current program and provide advice and a multi-year roadmap so you're never in doubt about how to mature your program. Get started today with your FREE ERM Program Assessment.
  • ERM Foundations: Implement the governance and foundational elements of an ERM program so that your credit union is prepared to make risk informed decisions without delay and you are set for the long run.
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs): An under utilized ERM tool. Implement KRIs so you can report how much risk the credit union has, what kind of risk it is, where it is, and how it is trending. This is your risk profile and it makes an excellent board report.
  • Risk Appetite and Tolerances: Determine how much risk you are willing to take and how you will monitor it, so you can allocate resources appropriately.
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment: Build risk assessment capabilities and tools so that risk assessments are consistent everywhere and results are easier to prioritize and manage. Facilitate needed risk assessments.
  • ERM Education and Training: Train management and/or the board on Enterprise Risk Management so that everyone is on the same page, your processes run smoothly, and the value is understood.
  • Integration of KRIs & KPIs: Monitor and report risk and reward simultaneously. Report KRIs with Key Performance Indicators for an integrated picture of credit union performance.
  • Monthly Support Services: Provide ongoing, on-demand support to your credit union so you are never without assistance or expert advice.
  • Facilitate Risk Workshops: In depth risk identification, assessment and decision making so you can get results quickly.
  • Regulatory exam preparation: Prepare to wow the regulators with your ERM program so they can see that management knows how to manage risk.
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Here's What Clients Are Saying

“...we are now able to review risk on a comprehensive basis, in a more effective and efficient manner and are better equipped to respond to organizational level risks.”

- Mary Mullens

"...We are much more confident in our ability to manage risk since we started working with David."

- Louise Pesavento

“... David is my go-to resource for everything related to risk management and board reporting."

- Monifa Crawford

“...The implementation was painless and the results exceeded our expectations and as an added bonus, our regulators were also impressed with our new KRI’s.”

- Dan Kester

"... extremely pleased with our decision to implement an ERM program and equally pleased we chose David to lead the implementation..."

- Neil Marshall

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Jacksonville, FL  32259

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